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The Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning’s (FILL) programs transform learning into life experiences. Our approach is driven by pedagogical strategies for literacy and learning in the classroom and across multiple subject areas. Our programs and resources build stronger 21st Century Skills and allow students to apply and integrate concepts from our programs into their daily lives through project-based application. The power of experiential learning has been highly successful in our educational programs.

FILL has worked closely with our donors to bring authentic educational programs to schools within varying curriculum areas. ConAgra worked with FILL to create a program incorporating research and advocacy for fighting hunger insecurity. Allstate Foundation’s support brought a program on driver safety to students. Office Depot Foundation worked with us to create lessons and a competition that showed students how to become aware of careers for their future. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing engaged students in understanding how money and the economy works. These are just a few of the many fine programs brought by donors and FILL to students throughout the United States.


The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program was created by the Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning (FILL) and the Lift a Life Foundation. Currently the leading and fastest growing leadership program, Lead4Change has more than 14,000 participating educators and has been real-world tested by 2 million students since 2012. Students may participate in a program challenge.

Program funded by: Lift a Life Novak Family Foundation

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Panasonic Student Eco Citizenship Project

The Panasonic Eco-Citizenship Program, inspires students in grades 5-8 in New Jersey and Denver area schools to explore environmental issues. They complete research and determine what can be done to positively impact their local environment. Students may participate in the eco citizenship competition.

Program funded by: Panasonic Corporation of North America

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Explore.Act.Tell. teaches young people to become aware of food insecurity issues in their neighborhoods. They will practice skills needed to become good citizens and advocate for community involvement and service. Through four interactive lessons, students will create and implement a hunger solution project and develop a promotional PSA video.

Program funded by: Albertsons Companies Foundation

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Help Our Teachers

The foundation began its first fundraiser to help educators in 2020 as the pandemic made the work of our frontline teachers tougher.

In this program, teachers across the U.S. are invited to apply for a grant of up to $500 to help them with expenses related to a special project or classroom supplies they will need for teaching in virtual, hybrid or in person school scenarios.

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Past Programs

Child Hunger Ends Here, focused on ending child hunger in the U.S. Student lessons were created to prompt students to take action and activate a campaign to collect food donations for hunger organizations in their community. Students were also asked to create a PSA on hunger and encouraged to submit their entry into a national competition.

Program funded by: ConAgra Foods

Our foundation collaborated with the AT&T Foundation, a proud partner of the U.S. Olympic Team, to develop and deliver to 400 classrooms a program called CONNECTIONS! A Global Education Initiative. This exciting classroom project-based learning curriculum was designed to promote students’ understanding of world cultures and the values of the U.S. Olympic spirit. Classes studied how technology and new scientific discoveries both resolve and create global issues. Students explored international cultures, history, technology and more in conjunction with the Olympics. Class teams were eligible to enter a national competition focused on global education.

Program funded by: AT&T Foundation 

Dream UP, a 16-week career exploration program that helps students identify and utilize 21st century workforce skills. Students create their own career portfolio and write a 500-word essay about their “Dream Job;” Each essay is entered into a nationwide contest for students to win one day in their dream job.

Program funded by: Office Depot Foundation

Healthy Teens, a cross-curricular health and wellness literacy program to motivate middle school students to build a better quality of life. This initiative enabled middle school students to connect with ACC student athletes in the classroom. Together, they learned about the importance of healthy eating, physical activity and discovered how to make positive lifestyle decisions.

Program funded by: United Way

X THE TXT, a contest for high school students to help raise the awareness about the dangers of texting while driving. Students were asked to create a poster and take a pledge not to text and drive. Winners awarded various prizes.

Program funded by: Allstate Foundation

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