Help Our Teachers Grants

The Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning (FILL) began its first fundraiser to help educators in 2020, as the pandemic made the work of our frontline teachers tougher.

Teachers within donor sponsored states are invited to apply for a grant of up to $500 to help them with expenses related to a special project or classroom supplies they will need for teaching in virtual, hybrid or in person school scenarios.

Grant applications are reviewed and funds awarded/distributed to educators once a year or when we have additional funds secured to support additional grants.

Educators from Atlanta, GA, Kansas City, KS, Los Angeles, CA and Newark, NJ are currently invited to apply for fall 2024 grants. Follow this link to begin your application!

We are grateful to our educators for their knowledge and dedication to our students and schools. Our mission is to make every effort to provide resources and assistance to educators as we work to shape a better future for American youth.

A few of our recent grant winners…

Kathleen Kelly, 5th Grade Teacher

Nicolaus Copernicus School, Jersey City, NJ

Ms. Kelly purchased numerous items for her inclusion classroom, but the highlight was the purchase of safety goggles for her students.

Having these goggles available has transformed our science lessons, providing students with the necessary protection to confidently engage in hands-on experiments. One student mentioned, “I feel like a real scientist when I wear the goggles. It makes our experiments so much more fun and safer!”

Sam Gorelick, Music Teacher

Riverside Middle School, Riverside, NJ

Mr. Gorelick was awarded a grant to purchase Flat.io for our students to explore music notation and composition, as well as an Appcompanist Choral Director Annual Subscription to facilitate choir instruction with customizable practice tracks.

“Flat.io has allowed me to practice reading and identifying notes in an easy way. Now when we learn music, it is easier for me to follow along and learn my part. ” – Student

Gail Scuderi, K-8 Teacher

Quinton School, Quinton, NJ

Ms. Scuderi purchased the necessary items to create a Lego wall in the art room where all students have class.

“It is so great to hear the conversations between the students as they collaborate on the big picture. Students have the choice to add to the overall design or work independently with the extra Lego baseplates. Everyone who walks into the room, passes by the Lego wall, and sees an ever evolving design. As students pass the wall everyone comments on what they see. It’s a great way to enter a room devoted to creativity and collaboration!”