A global video production and educational experience.

Encourage Your Students To Share The World Through Their Eyes!


KWN is a global student team video production competition. It is open to New Jersey students ages 10-18.

Winning teams from the US will compete with students from other countries in a KWN Global Summit and will be awarded exciting prizes. 

KWN was created in 1989 by Panasonic North America (in New Jersey), as an opportunity for students to share their point of view of “The World Through Their Eyes.” KWN deepens student knowledge of global social issues in order to further continue each students’ development. Today we invite you to be part of this experience. 

This spring, student teams will be asked to create a three- minute (or less) video on a global social issue. The social issue must align with one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as identified by the United Nations. 

Students will follow the educational process of: researching, thinking, planning and producing as they create their video entry.  They will also be encouraged to be creative, use their communication skills and to work together as a team.

The Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning (FILL) is excited to assist Panasonic in engaging students in Kid Witness News (KWN).

KWN Global Kids Award | U.S.A. Ocean Township Intermediate School

What Sustainable Development Goal will you advocate?


Participation in the KWN and its competition requires each student team to have an adult leader.

An adult leader can be a: 

  • Teacher
  • School Counselor
  • After-school or non-profit director/coordinator
  • Parent/Guardian

Leaders MUST register by visiting this LINK. 

Once registered, each leader will receive free resources which include: access to the program webpage, an invitation to a virtual training and a competition entry checklist. 

The KWN competition is a perfect opportunity to introduce your students to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Questions? Contact: Renee Belardo at Renee@fill.foundation




  • Video entries are due by May 17, 2024 and are to be uploaded through the submission link on the KWN US webpage
  • One team from the 10-12 age category and one team from the 13-18 age category will be chosen on or around May 27, 2024 as the US finalists
  • Teams selected as finalist; will be notified and will need to complete the following documents that will be provided:
    • Outline of entry in English (need to explain title and what the entry is about)
    • A student team photo
    • Letter of Consent for Rights Usage

Finalists will represent the United States in the KWN Global Summit on October 26, 2024 in Newark, NJ and will also be awarded prizes.

Good Luck Participants! 


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