Panasonic Corporation of North America and the Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning are pleased to present the 2021 – 2022 Student Eco Citizenship Program. This exciting FREE program will guide 5th-8th-grade students in New Jersey and Colorado as they…



Environmental issues



Actions to help solve the issue


Actions in their community to help solve the problem


Actions conducted and share the results

Student teams will be able to submit an Eco Diary into the competition. Winners will receive recognition and prizes. Prizes to be awarded in New Jersey and Colorado competitions!

Empower Your Students to be Eco Citizens Today!

Be part of the movement.




This year’s participating schools:

New Jersey

Unity Charter School
Eleanor Van Gelder School
Hudson Montessori School
Clara Parker Elementary School
Noor-Ul-Iman School
Lyndhurst Middle School
Henry Hudson Regional School
Ramapo Ridge Middle School
Patrick F Healy
Thomas Edison EnergySmart Charter School
Alexander Hamilton Academy
Senator Frank Lautenberg School 6
Benjamin Franklin Middle School
Nicolaus Copernicus School
Pace Charter School
Ivy Hill Elementary School
Deerfield School
Menlo Park Elementary School
Jefferson School
Roxbury High School
Franklin Elementary School


New Emerson STEAM
Denver school of the arts
Pioneer Ridge Elementary
International School of Denver
Marie L Greenwood
Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy
Kearney Middle School
Red Rocks Elementary
Valdez Elementary
Holm Elementary
Marrama Elementary School
Fremont Elementary
Bradford K8 North
Morey Middle School
Cherrelyn Elementary School
Soaring Heights PK-8
The Crest Academy

Thank you to our friends at the following organizations!

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