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Why Donate

Thousands of teachers across the United States have participated in exciting programs funded by the foundation’s donors for over 18 years.

These programs have been provided at no cost to the teachers and have included curricula for students based on the areas such as STEM, environmental studies, financial literacy, civic awareness, social and emotional learning, leadership, and more.

Today, teachers need our help even more and your donation will support our Help Our Teachers Fund

Help Our Teachers Fund

FILL has created the Help Our Teachers Fund to help provide teachers with funds to purchase things they need to teach. Teachers would often purchase these items out of their own pocket.

Teachers across the U.S.  will be able to apply for a grant to help them with expenses related to a special project or classroom supplies they may need. The number of grants available will depend on the amount of funds raised each year.

We hope we can count on your financial support to make an impact in our nation’s classrooms.

Are you ready to make an impact?

Make your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE donation today!

Our past grant winners!

Hillery Holmes

“Words cannot describe how happy we are to finally have headphones for our students to use! They will allow the students to focus, to be heard, and to learn so much more! Thank you so much!” – Hillery Holmes

Jaymie Burleson

1st-5th grade Self Contained Special Education teacher, Checotah, OK.

Thank you for funding our classroom! The grant money was such a godsend for our kiddos in these unprecedented times. We were able to purchase light filters, a set of markerboards, markers, erasers, coats, classroom supplies, cleanex, and some snacks for our kiddos. The light filters have been a total game changer! The classroom is very calm and serene with the reduced noise and flickering of the harsh fluorescent lighting. Staff and students both have less headaches. The students are able to focus on their assignments without the distraction of the lighting. We appreciate it so much!

Venita Tomlinson

Many of my students live in temporary homeless shelters. A full 100% of our students are entitled to free breakfast and lunch. Although my students face many challenges at home and in the community, my students are wonderful, inquisitive, and enthusiastic learners.

I just wanted to let you know how elated my students were to discover that we have new books to add to our school library. I have purchased a variety of e-books for pre-k – middle school so that I can conduct remote read aloud using Loom (screen-casting tool).

Thank You to Our Donors

And thank you to our many individual donors!