Eco Diary Competition

Competition Rules

To enter, students must use the Eco Diary provided by their teacher and follow these guidelines:

      • Each diary must consist of 4 entries and the eco diary must be fully completed.
      • Each entry must include a diary/illustration and a paragraph to explain the action.
      • All pictures must be original, hand-created artwork or digital illustrations of the student teams submitting the diary.
      • All paragraphs must be typed or handwritten and must be the original work of the student submitting the diary.
      • All entries must be in English.
      • Each team must have different actions. Please do not submit the same entries for each student team.

Sample Eco Diary Topics

Below you will find examples of past Eco Diary topics. We encourage you and your students to think of new topics which could be the focus of your project and your entry. The more unique the more points you will receive when it comes to judging.


    • Recyling plastic
    • Plastic waste
    • Trash collecting
    • Air pollution
    • Creating art with recycled waste
    • Recycling of clothes
    • Recycling rubber tires
    • Making candles/air fresheners using non-toxic chemicals


    • Water waste
    • Water pollution
    • Lead in water
    • River clean up
    • Use of water bottles
    • Overgrowth of algae in local park pond
    • Reduce water usage


    • Food waste
    • Composting
    • Using own coffee cup
    • Growing veggies/fruit
    • Composting
    • Hydro planting


    • Combat litter as a community
    • Donating used clothing
    • Education to restaurants about bamboo straws
    • Litter pick-up in community
    • Raising money to purchase tree saplings
    • Start an eco-club
    • Community recycling schedule


    • Preventing dead fish in the Hudson River
    • Animals in captivity
    • Collection of litter in parks to foster animals
    • Address endangered animals 
    • Address poaching problems
    • Bee pollination 
    • Fundraiser for planting trees
    • Importance of wildlife to the environment


    • Replacing bulbs with LED lights
    • Reduction of energy usage
    • Conserve energy with solar fans
    • Air pollution/save energy with less driving
    • Scarcity of wildlife in park system

    Climate Change

    • Address climate issues with composting
    • Climate change with plant growth
    • Addressing CO2 and the climate
    • Climate change with less car gas
    • Climate change with less waste pollution
    • Teaching Global Warming concepts to younger kids
    • Plant helpful and healthy plants in backyard
    • Biodiversity of plants

    Be Inspired!

    Check out winning entries below…


    There will be ten New Jersey student teams selected as winners and five student teams in Colorado. Each student on the team will be awarded a prize along with their teacher. 



        • Colorado entries are due by 3:00 MST on May 6, 2022


        • Entries Due by 6:00 PM EST on May 6, 2022




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