Q: Is the program FREE?

A: Yes! Thanks to a generous donation from Panasonic North America, the entire program is FREE!

Q: What teachers are eligible to participate?


A: 5th-8th grade teachers in New Jersey and teachers in the Denver, Colorado area. There is a limit to the amount of teachers for the program so sign up sooner than later! Sign up HERE.

Q: Is the program open to all subject area teachers?


A: Yes! The program is open to all subject area teachers.

Q: How do I receive the resources?


A: A welcome box will be mailed to you after you register. You also do have the option to download the resources in digital format for virtual learning by going to the teacher resources tab on the website.

Q: How does the competition work?


A: Students work in small teams to create an Eco Diary by following the four lessons in the student workbook. Each teacher will collect the team entries and will upload the three best entries from their class for judging. 

Q: What are the prizes?


A: Three winning teams will be chosen in New Jersey and three winning teams in the Denver Area. Each student on the team and their teacher will receive prizes chosen by Panasonic.

Q: Does FILL have a Privacy Policy?


A: Yes! You can find the policy here.

Q: How do I register my entire school or district?


A: Contact Kim at: Kim@fill.foundation or call (718) 306-8408 for more details.

Questions? Comments? Contact Kim@Fill.Foundation or call 718-306-8408
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