The Panasonic Student Eco Citizenship Program is in it’s 8th year in New Jersey and 3nd year in Colorado. The program is offered at no cost to teachers in both of these regions. In the past students conducted the following eco projects: 

  • Created substitutions for pesticides using natural substances 
  • Recycled used crayons into new ones
  • Created phrag-chinampas to plant vegetables for the community and created phrag-bales for planters.
  • And more!

Program Details

Aug. - Nov.

Teachers register


Aug. - Nov.

Teachers receive welcome materials


Sept. - April

Students conduct lessons and complete Eco Diary

Program Deadlines & Announcements

May 6

Eco Diary Competition deadline date

May 19

Winners announced 

Are your students ready to take on the Eco Citizenship Challenge?

Questions? Comments? Contact Kim@Fill.Foundation or call 718-483-4262
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